Existing Customer XR-3 Upgrade

Discounted one-time upgrade pricing available to existing customers only (requires return of XR-1 or XR-2 beacon via prepaid shipping label).  Note that XR-3 monthly service will renew at $119/mo. at time of activation.  Call to activate service upon receipt.

Pre-Order Today, shipping starts 11/15!  

Our fastest service and widest coverage available, the XR-3 Omni is the latest breakthrough in wireless connectivity.

  • Connect to any tower in any location.  Our Omni beacons are equipped with adaptable SIM technology, which means we can connect you to any major carrier on whichever tower and network is available in your location. Effectively triple your coverage within the US as you travel!
  • Support that travels with you.  Power up a beacon inside your rig and the IT pros from theRVITguy.com are with you wherever you roam. Experiencing technical difficulties? Just call our operations center and our tech pros can troubleshoot all your devices remotely, even help you get connected to the internet.
  • Simple and straightforward.  One low monthly service fee includes a high-speed internet connection that works on any/all major carrier in the US. Ditch those data plans that slow you down once you hit a usage limit – there are no caps and no throttling on internet from theRVITguy.com.*
  • Our fastest service yet by far.  CAT 12 modem technology multiplexes multiple signals simultaneously, to bring you the fastest service we offer, capable of HD streaming and gaming on the go.

Free 2-3 day shipping included within the U.S. Click here to view our FAQ.

This upgrade is available to existing customers who wish to exchange their current hardware. Login here to purchase the XR-3 Omni Beacon upgrade.