RV Support Beacon

$59.00 / month and a $75.00 sign-up fee

This package contains everything you need to add world-class tech support to your existing RV internet service.


  • Support that travels with you. Plug your RV’s internet connection into this support beacon and the IT pros from theRVITguy.com are with you wherever you roam. Experiencing technical difficulties? Just flick the help switch or call our operations center and our tech pros can troubleshoot all your devices remotely, even help you get connected to the internet.
  • Use any internet connection available. Love the speed and coverage of your current internet provider? Great, we can work with that! Fixed cable/DSL/fibre service, satellite signal, public WiFi, or cellular data plans… it doesn’t matter. We’ll help you connect our support beacon to your service via ethernet, usb tethering, or WiFi. Just call us when you receive your equipment in the mail!
  • Plug-and-play installation. Your beacon is 100% pre-configured. Just plug it in and you have a secure WiFi network in your RV with a direct connection to our operations center for support.
  • Help when you need it, total privacy when you don’t. Our beacons are equipped with a physical “help switch” that allows you to control our access to your network and devices. Toggle it to create an encrypted tunnel to our operations center whenever you need support, and toggle it back to lock down your privacy when the issue is fixed.

Free 2-3 day shipping included within the U.S. Click here to view our FAQ.


Product Description

It’s time to simplify your technology.
Ever wish you had an IT expert onboard as you travel? We know space in an RV is at a premium, so we’ve packed your technical assistance into a 2×2 yellow box. It’s a simple concept: plug one of our support beacons into your rig and connect to it’s pre-configured WiFi signal. Whenever you encounter technical difficulties with any device on the network, simply toggle the ‘help switch’ on your support beacon and our technicians can troubleshoot it remotely. One monthly subscription covers all your connected devices – computers, tablets, phones, streaming devices, gaming consoles, e-readers… you name it we can work on it. Trouble getting connected to the internet? We can help with that too. And when it’s fixed, simply toggle the help switch back to the default position and close the connection with support to go about your business in total privacy.

Unlimited, top-tier support that comes to YOU.
No more need to find and travel to the nearest ‘geek bar’ storefront with devices in tow. Chances are once you do arrive, they won’t be able to reproduce the problem! We can resolve the vast majority of technical issues right then and there, while you relax in the comfort of your RV. We support the latest Windows, iOS, and Android devices from all the manufacturers and can even help you with questions about how to use your software or online services. No question is off-limits, we’re here to help! Your support is unlimited, so don’t get frustrated, call us right away when you encounter any difficulty.

We speak your language.
Our IT pros are not your typical nerds. They are all US-based RVers who understand the technical challenges presented by a mobile lifestyle! And they’re recruited specifically for their unique balance of technical and people skills, so don’t worry about having to speak techie… that’s our job! Call anytime for live consultation with a technician, who can walk you through as much (or as little) of the troubleshooting process as you’d like. Want to just flick the switch and grab a lemonade while remote support fixes the problem? That’s fine by us too.

Honest, straightforward, old-fashioned service.
The world is full of fast-talking bait-and-switch offers from companies just trying to make a buck. We started this business because we like people and we want to be helpful. That’s why our monthly services are unlimited and we don’t use annual contracts. It keeps our eye on the prize: your total satisfaction. Our activation fee covers pre-configuration and shipping of your equipment, which is leased as a part of your straightforward monthly rate. If you need to put your service on hold, just call us. If ever you’re not completely satisfied, just return your equipment to cancel without penalty. Simply put, we exist to make your life easier, and hopefully, put a smile on your face from time to time. 🙂

Additional Information

Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in

Support beacon w/pre-configured WiFi signal, USB stick pre-loaded with troubleshooting tools, white USB power cable, USB power block, black flat ethernet cable, support contact instructions.


Shipping via USPS Priority included (2-3 business days). Give us a call if you need faster service!


Please allow one business day for order processing and equipment configuration.


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What is the difference between the Standard Beacon vs. the 4G Beacon?
Both beacons enable us to support all your connected devices at the flick of a switch. But only the 4G beacon comes with its own high-speed mobile internet plan with unlimited data. If you already have a data plan you love from your wireless carrier, cable company, ISP, or satellite provider, the standard beacon can work with your existing connection. Either way, once your beacon is installed, you have our IT professionals at your disposal should you encounter any difficulties with computers, tablets, phones, or any other devices connected to its pre-configured WiFi signal. Just flip the switch, call the number on the beacon, and our techs will assist you.

What is the difference between the 4G Beacon and the newer XR Beacons?
Like the first generation 4G Beacon, our second generation equipment, the XR-1 and XR-2, come with their own high-speed mobile internet plan with unlimited data.  However, these are more sophisticated devices that are capable of receiving a signal across a wider range of frequencies.  This means they can communicate with more cell towers and thus extend your connected range throughout our coverage map.

How is a “Support Beacon” different from a “Hotspot”?
Our support beacons are fully-managed endpoint devices, supported by the IT pros at RVITguy.com. The operative word is “support” — when you need technical help, flip the switch and our beacons become a gateway to a team of support professionals ready to assist you. They are pre-configured with a suite of troubleshooting tools and diagnostics that allow us to remotely address issues you may be experiencing on any connected device. And, they encrypt your internet traffic to ensure your security and anonymity online.

When I become a customer, do I own my support beacon?
All of the equipment required to provide you service is pre-configured to work with our support network, meaning it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for our customers to own it. Instead, our equipment is leased to you, and the cost is included in your monthly subscription fee. We like to think this is of benefit to our customers. Since we own your beacon, if it ever stops working its our job to replace it to ensure your service continues!

Who uses these beacons from theRVITguy.com?
Well, when we started the business, we were intent on serving the RV community. But it turns out our services are a great fit for truck drivers, construction contractors, inter-coastal boaters, food trucks, seasonal getaways, business travelers, aging parents… basically anyone! We love nothing more than to hear from a new customer using the service in a way we’ve never imagined.


Is your 4G data really unlimited? Really??!
Yes! Really! Our data plan gives you unlimited 4G LTE data for one fixed price every month. There are no caps or throttle points that slow your speeds automatically once you’ve consumed a pre-determined amount of data. Your internet speed will be determined by the signal strength at your current location. The only exception where your usage may affect your speed is in instances where there is significant network congestion at your location. Only during times of high network congestion, the bandwidth of users with greater than 50GB of consumption in the given billing period may be deprioritized in order to ensure fair access to users who have consumed less. Once you move to a different location or the congestion eases, your speeds will likely resume. And once the new data cycle rolls around, your usage will be reset.

Where will I have data coverage?
We operate on the nation’s fastest, most advanced LTE network, delivering your 4G data coast-to-coast across the US. All of our 4G beacons will also roam at LTE speeds for up to 5GB per billing period throughout Canada and Mexico at no additional cost!  For information on coverage in your specific location, give us a call or click the icon in the lower left hand side of your browser window to type to us and we’ll verify the signal!


How much will it cost me to sign up?
To get started, just pay the first month of service ($59 for the standard beacon or $99 for the 4G and XR beacons) plus a one-time setup fee. This fee covers configuration of your equipment, account setup, service activation, and shipping and handling.

When will I receive my beacon?
We strive to ship out as many orders as we can same-day, but please allow 1 business day for processing. Every order includes USPS Priority 2-3 day shipping.

Can I get my equipment faster?
Yes. If you need your beacon faster, call us at (414) 399-1687. Rush processing with overnight delivery to US destinations is available for an additional $50 fee.

What is your return policy?
If you have any trouble with your service, please call us, we want to help! But if we can’t fix it for whatever reason and you decide to cancel within 10 days of your order, just let us know by phone or email ([email protected]). We’ll provide a shipping label via e-mail for return of your equipment. Just drop it in the mail within 5 days to close your account. Upon receipt of your equipment, your first month’s service fee will be refunded. Since our setup fees are spent on configuring your equipment, activating your data service, and delivery, a portion of these fees are non-refundable ($40 restocking fee applies).

While we are unable to accept returns after 10 days, remember that you’re not locked into a service contract, so you can elect to cancel anytime. We hate to lose you as our customer, but we understand. Just call us at (414) 399-1687. We’ll e-mail you a pre-paid shipping label to return your equipment. Just drop it in the mail within 5 days to close your account. But if there is anything we can do to improve your experience and keep your business, we want to know. To avoid any additional service fees, please ensure your cancellation is made prior to billing, and that return of your equipment is postmarked within 5 days.


What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

How does payment work for monthly subscriptions?
All monthly payments are pre-paid and automatically billed to the credit card you use when signing up for service. You will also receive an e-mail each month confirming receipt of payment. To change your method of payment, login to the website with your username and password created at sign-on, or just call us and we’d be happy to do it for you, (414) 399-1687.


I just received my shipment, now how do I get setup?
You probably noticed there is no user manual or setup instructions in the box… that’s on purpose! What kind of tech support company would we be if we started you out with that task? Call us at (414) 399-1687 and we’ll setup your equipment so it works with all your devices and internet connectivity. We’ll run a few test from our side and ensure you can connect to our support “mothership”.


Help! I’m having an issue with my (PC, Mac, phone, tablet, connection… whatever). How do I get support?
First, breathe. Then flip the help switch on your beacon to the “up” position and call (414) 399-1687. Help is on the way!


I need to pause my service, but I intend on re-starting it in the near future. Is this allowed?
Yes it is. For $25, we can pause your subscription for up to 90 days. This lets you keep your custom-configured equipment and resume service at any time. Just call us at (414) 399-1687 to make arrangements.

I would like to cancel my service, how does this work?
We hate to lose you as our customer, but we understand. Just call us at (414) 399-1687. We’ll e-mail you a pre-paid shipping label to return your equipment. Just drop it in the mail within 5 days to close your account. But if there is anything we can do to improve your experience and keep your business, we want to know. To avoid any additional service fees, please ensure your cancellation is made prior to billing, and that return of your equipment is postmarked within 5 days.