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Who is the RV IT Guy?

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RVITguy.com was started by RVers looking to solve their own travel-related technical challenges.

We are a virtual company, and our team is made up of former tech-industry office dwellers turned full-time travellers, who understand first-hand what it takes to stay connected on the road.  With origins in world-class technical support, we make it our mission to bring friendly, personal service to the cold, calculating world of consumer wireless internet. Our solutions are flexible and designed with our customers in mind.

Contracts, penalties, data consumption limitations, automated telephone systems… You won’t find them here.  Just real people looking to be helpful and provide a valued service to an underserved community of RVers as well as boaters, rural residences, truckers, mobile businesses.

RVITguy.com provides mobile internet and remote tech support for RVers

The service is (truly) unlimited, it’s hyper secure, and it comes with its own “traveling” IT department.

Our ‘beacons’ are managed WiFi devices that create a private wireless network anywhere within our nationwide network.  Unlike most hotspots and wireless data plans, they don’t slow down after you’ve used a pre-determined amount of data.  They are suitable for moderate internet consumption by 2-6 people, including web browsing, email, gaming, remote work, real-time calling, and video streaming at standard definition.

Each device also has 256-bit VPN encryption to guard against privacy intrusions while travelling and protect customers from threats ranging from credit card fraud to identity theft to malicious software, which are much more prevalent while travelling through unsecured public WiFi hotspots.

And because they are part of our virtual network, each beacon provides access to a team of distributed IT professionals ready to support any IT-related issue on any connected device – computers, phones, tablets, streaming devices, gaming consoles, etc.

Simply flip a ‘help switch’ and call the support number and let our techs fix it from afar.

Full-time travelers face unique challenges to their connectivity, privacy, and access to technical assistance when needed.  RVITguy.com keeps them safely connected and supported with products and services designed specifically for them… wherever they may roam.

XR-1 Extended Range Beacon

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